RZ 1200 scooter 4 wheeler ( tax free + high quality )

  • $5,095.00

With the RZ1200, you will find speed, comfort, range and reliability. The RZ1200 is definitely your best choice! 

Orthoquad is proud to introduce its new full size scooter, the RZ1200. Designed and developed for heavy duty performances, it also includes all the luxury features that have come to be expected from the market. A long list of standard equipments as a full LED lighting package for maximum brightness performance and minium maintenance, deluxe high back seat with headrest and sliders, lockable front basket, bottle holder, two rear view mirrors, front and rear heavy duty bumpers to insure maximum security, and now with two USB charging ports for small electronic devices as cell phones. 

The new redesigned tiller has a gas sprung activator providing infinite tilt steering adjustment for ergonomic user positionning. Its easy operation provides a safe and practical mobility experience. Get the latest driving assistance technology with the new easy to read control panel with integrated digital display. 

The RZ1200 delivers a premium performance with our legendary heavy duty 950 watt four pole motor for exceptional efficiency.The RZ1200 is excellent for outdoor performances with its 14'' all-terrain tires, amazing ground clearance and 4 wheel full suspension. It will give you an optimal level of comfort on any surface.

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