Sudbury E-Bike Dealer Warranty

This warranty policy offers limited warranty coverage on defective parts from our manufacturer(s).      Please refer to the specific manufacturer’s warranty clause as outlined within the owner’s manual.          

This warranty is included in the purchase of the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI). If you do not purchase the PDI, there is no comprehensive warranty coverage – However, a 14-day parts only warranty will be included with your purchase. This warranty form along with the receipt of purchase and/or the invoice must be presented prior to any warranty work.

This comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty covers parts and labour against defects in workmanship and materials. At no time does warranty cover transportation or incidental costs associated with the repair of your unit. Shipping costs of parts from the wholesaler(s) may not be covered. All warranty work is performed at our store located at 1390 Kingsway Drive. Unless otherwise noted, warranty is as follows:


BATTERIES & CHARGER:                     6 MONTHS

Batteries which have swollen due to overcharging or have frozen are not covered. Please follow the charging and battery maintenance as outlined in the owner’s manual.

CONTROLLER & MOTOR                    1 YEAR

E-Bikes & scooters which have been modified or used other than their intended use may void the warranty (modification of speed limiter, towing of trailers, exceeding weight limit, etc.).

FRAME & SWING-ARM                      2 YEARS

Tires, tubes, plastic housing, brake pads, bearings or damage due to lack of maintenance, accident, or abuse are not covered by this warranty. Damage due to exposure to the elements is not covered under warranty.



Please follow all safety instructions in your owner’s manual and read all warning labels carefully. Owner’s manuals are also available online.

The operator of the vehicle is responsible for performing safety inspections and maintaining vehicle as outlined in manual. Always perform a 30 second safety check before each use (see website for link).

Remember to always wear safety gear when operating your e-Bike or Mobility unit. A helmet is mandatory on all open vehicles. Please read and follow all provincial and municipal laws and posted signs for e-bike use.