Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How fast do e-bikes go?

A: E-bikes have a maximum speed of 32 km/h in Ontario.


Q: Do I need a license, insurance, or registration to ride an e-bike?

A: Since e-bikes are classified as a power-assisted bicycle, they do not need a license, insurance, or registration to use.


Q: Can I remove the pedals from my electric bicycle?

A: No. An electric bike without pedals is no longer accepted as an electric bike according to the Highway Traffic Act. This makes your bike illegal to use on the roads.


Q: What is the warranty on the e-bikes?

A: Our warranty covers our bikes from defects from our manufacturer for up to 2 years. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.


Q: What is PDI?

A: PDI stands for pre-delivery inspection. PDI includes complete assembly, full electric/mechanical inspection, and warranty of the e-bike before pick-up/delivery. Local delivery/pick-up will usually include PDI (extra charge applies). Otherwise, if do not want the PDI, you will receive the bike in a box/crate, the bike will be approximately 80% assembled and you will need to assemble some parts by yourself such as: front wheel, fenders, handlebars, windshields depending on the model of the bike.


Q: Where am I allowed to use my e-bike?

A:  E-bikes are allowed to ride anywhere a conventional bicycle can ride. 

You however, cannot ride your e-bike on:

Certain provincial controlled access highways, such as the 400 series, the Queen Elizabeth Way, the Queensway in Ottawa or the Kitchener-Waterloo Expressway

Municipal roads, including sidewalks, where bicycles are banned under municipal bylaws

Municipal roads, sidewalks, bike paths, bike trails or bike lanes where e-bikes are prohibited


Q: How do I charge my e-bike?

A: Our e-bikes are supplied with a charger that can charge your e-bike using a regular wall outlet.


Q: What is the difference between lithium and lead-acid batteries?

A: Lead-acid batteries are less expensive (around $0.33 per Wh), last between 2-4 years (~300 charge cycles), weigh between 6-9 kg (13-20 lbs) per battery (generally requiring 4-7 batteries to function), take around 2-10 hours to fully charge, and have a linear voltage curve. 

Lithium ion batteries are more costly (around $0.83 per Wh), last between 4-8 years (~1000 charge cycles), weigh around 10 kg total, take 1-5 hours to fully charge, and have an exponential voltage curve (holds a higher voltage for longer meaning more power for longer).

Lithium ion batteries are considered an upgrade over lead-acid batteries.

Q: How long until the batteries need to be replaced?

A: For e-bikes containing lead-acid batteries, the life expectancy is around 2-4 years or around ~300 charge cycles when they're properly maintained. 

For e-bikes containing lithium batteries, the life expectancy is around 4-8 years or ~1000 charge cycles when they're properly maintained. 


Q: How do I get the most range out of my e-bike?

A: Your E-bike will consume much less battery when you begin riding by pedaling and not using the throttle. Stop and go riding with the throttle can limit the range of your E-bike.

Always make sure your tires are inflated properly. Riding on low pressure tires will consume more energy.

Always pedal up hills. Do not use throttle only when riding up hills.


Q: Can I ride an e-bike in the winter?

A: The e-bikes are still functional and it will be ok to ride in the winter. Riding is not recommended when there is ice on the road because it could be slippery. You will also expect a reduced travel range as a result of the low temperature. Winter tires may be available for some specific models. E-bikes containing lead-acid batteries in particular should be kept fully charged to avoid battery freezing due to cold weather.


Q: How should I store my e-bike in the winter?

A: For winter storage, you should ideally bring the e-bike inside. If that is not possible, the batteries should be removed and brought inside while the bike is stored somewhere dry (a garage or shed). You should then charge the battery on a regular basis (at least once a month).