Heavy Duty Folding Lock
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Heavy Duty Folding Lock

  • $99.99

Elevate your electric bike's security with the Folding Lock. This meticulously crafted lock is your ultimate high-security solution, offering exceptional protection and versatile compatibility for your valuable ride.



    All E-Bike Models.



    • Robust Construction:  Crafted from a hardened steel alloy with heat treatment, the Folding Lock boasts a substantial 5mm thickness, making it highly resistant to theft attempts. It is designed to withstand cutting, sawing, and drilling.
    • Advanced Lock Cylinder:  Equipped with Swiss lock cylinder technology, the lock provides an added layer of security. Its copper-nickel alloy keys, designed with a special curve, offer a high level of protection against technical stealing.
    • Violence Test Resistant:  Designed with a stainless steel boss and a gap of less than 0.2mm, the lock can withstand a pulling force of 2 tons, ensuring that it remains secure even under extreme conditions.
    • Side Pulling Design:  The Folding Lock features a side-pulling design, allowing it to be installed on smaller frames, making it adaptable to various bike types.




    Material: Hardened Steel Alloy

    Length: 90 cm

    Weight: 1052 g

    Thickness: 5 mm

    Package Includes: Folding Lock x 1, Lock Holder x 1, Key x 2, Instruction x 1, Cable Tie x 2