Emmo Trobic Pro
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Emmo Trobic Pro

  • $3,199.00


  • Upgraded Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Increased Cargo Capacity
  • Better Handling with Rear Speed Differential
What makes it the Pro
With less force needed at the levers, the hydraulic disc brakes realize a more effective way of stopping power. Adjustments to the lever are helpful for effective control and to reduce hand fatigue. Moreover, the fully enclosed system reduces exposure to elements (e.g. dirty, water) that can affect the performance of the brake system.
The hydraulic systems are self-adjusting and require minimal day-to-day maintenance. Replacing brake pads are also easy when the time comes. The hydraulic systems is for less worries, better performance, and more enjoyable rides.

High Storage

Fat Tire

750W Geared
Hub Motor

Samsung 48V
Lithium Battery

Up to 110 km
per Charge

400 lbs
Load Capacity
What makes it the Pro
Emmo's industry-leading technologies in the motor give maximum torque performance and a fantastic riding experience. You will be surprised by its performance in climbing hills and dealing with varying road conditions. With throttle power and 9 levels of pedal-assist levels available. You do not need to worry about getting fatigued, as it is capable of carrying you anywhere with the least effort.

Digital LCD colorful
Back-Lighted Display

The LCD colorful display provides information including the speed, pedal assist level, battery level and trip distance. The LED backlight makes the readings easier any time day or night.

3 Levels
backlight brightness
ingress protection rating

48V Samsung Lithium-ion Battery

Equipped with a powerful heart, the high quality Samsung lithium battery ensures a longer range and a longer lifetime. The Smart Management System gives you peace of mind in use, maintenance and storage. With multiple upgrade options, you can choose the battery configuration that suits you best.

rated recharging cycles
up to 21Ah
battery capacity

*Prices vary for different battery configurations.